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Our Values

At Bitmap Books we have a lot of passion. We adore books, games and printing, of course. But we also want to deliver the very best of service, while building a company that pushes what publishing can be. With that in mind, these are the values that really matter to us.

The very best in printing

As a design-led publisher, visual quality matters to us. We don’t just obsessively pursue the best printing quality currently available. We want to constantly push the envelope when it comes to expectations about printing techniques. That’s why our titles have so far included fluorescent inks, lenticular slipcases, gatefold pages, and even electronic slipcases.

A devotion to game preservation

We firmly believe that games are important. Preserving their history is part of preserving the history of culture. Websites come and go, but print books are made to last, and the best way we can contribute to that effort. Our commitment to preserving game history is what motivates us to dig deeper and unearth the unknown. We love the idea that one day one of our community will pass on their Bitmap Books to their children.

Perfect packaging

We’re continually striving to design packaging that does more than expertly protect your books. When you get your next Bitmap book, you’ll know it’s also packed with the environment in mind, and you can be sure you’ll get a memorable unboxing experience. 

The highest standards as standard

We work hard to hit the very highest standards in writing, design, research, and printing. We’re sure you’ll find that’s evident in every Bitmap Books publication available.

Taking classic gaming forward

Our books might celebrate the past, but we are a forward-facing company with a constant eye on the future. We’re always on the look out for innovative new printing techniques, fresh book ideas, and ways to improve every element of the business we operate.

Doing the right thing

We really do care about more than simply the quality of our books, and gaming’s fascinating past. We want to make a difference, and even leave a legacy. That’s why we’re always evolving our eco packing, partnering with charities, employing from the local community, supplying educators, and working with other businesses in our field that do things right.

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