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Some items in my order are available now, will they ship separately?
Your order will only ship once every item is in-stock and available. We're afraid that we don't split orders into multiple deliveries.

I live outside the UK, can I shop in my own currency?
We currently offer the option to pay in a wide range of currencies. Based on your location, the site changes to reflect this. If this does not happen, the store currency can be manually changed by using the drop-down menu in the footer. The shipping page also shows shipping prices in local currencies. Note that local currency shipping prices can change slightly based on the current exchange rates.

Is there a maximum number of books I can add to an order?
Yes. Each location we ship to will have a limit on the weight or value within a single order. See our shipping page for details. If you need to exceed the limit, we suggest placing separate orders.

Why are book weights done volumetrically?
The delivery companies we use define the weight of a parcel using volumetric weight. This defines how much space the package occupies according to its dimensions, which is then converted to its equivalent weight.

Does each book come with a free PDF?
Where possible, yes. Due to licensing restrictions, this is not always possible. Please note that if you decide to return your book but have already downloaded the digital file, we will be unable to refund your order.

Can I remove my personal details from the PDF?
Each PDF page is 'stamped' with your name and email address. Due to security reasons these cannot be removed. Copying and printing are also disabled from our PDFs.

I cannot download the PDF
Do not attempt to download your book PDF to a mobile device as this may cause the download to fail. Your download should be done on a desktop computer with a secure broadband internet connection. In the rare event of download issues, try another browser, as this often fixes the issue.

I purchased my book from a third party, do I get a free PDF?
PDF copies of our books are only available when ordering direct from us.

It says that I've used all my download attempts
Each PDF download comes with just five downloads.

How soon after I place my order will it ship?
We aim to ship all orders the working day after it's placed. You will receive a shipping confirmation email as soon as this happens which contains your tracking. During launches and busy times, this time can be up to 4-5 working days as we process larger volumes of orders.

Can I change my shipping address?
Any address changes made by Bitmap Books directly with the courier will incur a £9.00 charge if your order has already shipped. 

My book has been returned to your offices by the courier, what happens now?
If your order is returned to Bitmap Books’ offices, we will send it out again. However, if the return was not the fault of Bitmap Books, for example due to an address error of yours or your failure to re-arrange a delivery directly with the courier, we ask that you cover the full shipping fees for resending, plus a £2.50 returns fee. The cost will be charged to the debit/credit card or PayPal/Apple Pay account used to make the original purchase. 

Do you offer discounts?
We're afraid not. Bitmap Books subsidises shipping costs to ensure that we can keep them as low as possible. Because of this, we do not give out discount codes.

Can the shipping materials be recycled?
The foam corners we use are recyclable. As are cardboard wrap, tissue paper and boxes used. 

Do you ship globally?
Yes, we do. We use a tracked service for all countries. Please see our shipping page for more information. 

Will I be asked to supply personal information to the shipping couriers?
On some occasions, the shipping courier may call or email asking to confirm your identity. This is purely for security reasons, and is essential to delivery if requested.

Will the books arrive to me in pristine condition?
We do everything we can to make sure they do. All books are shrink-wrapped, packed very securely and then sent using a tracked service. Please see our shipping page for more information.   

Where's best to store your books?
In order to maintain the original integrity of our books, they should be stored in a dry environment, away from direct sunlight. They should also be stored in a consistent room temperature, avoiding excessively hot or cold conditions.

Why is the shipping to my country so expensive?
Unfortunately, our decision to make all shipping tracked and the fact that books are heavy together mean that certain countries are expensive to ship to. Sadly, there is no way around this for us and the shipping is subsidised as much as possible by Bitmap Books. 

Why don't you ship to my country?
Please contact us at if your country does not appear on the list at the checkout, and we will look into adding it. 

How long do books take to arrive?
If an order is placed before midday, we generally aim to ship that same day. Just as a guide, under normal circumstances shipping within the UK usually takes 1–2 working days, to Europe, USA and Canada takes around 4–5 working days, Asia, Middle East and Oceania takes around 5–6 working days and to South America and Rest of the World takes around 10 working days.

Will I be charged import VAT or duties?
Please see here.

I'm in Europe. How does shipping now work post-Brexit?
Please see here.

Can I arrange for delivery without a signature?
This is courier-dependent, but in most cases can be done using their tracking website/app. Please note that any loss or damage incurred due to delivery without a signature will be at your own risk. 

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