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How We Ship Our Books

At Bitmap we expect a lot of shipping and packaging. We want our packaging to protect your books to the extreme, while also being affordable, memorable and sustainable. Equally, we want shipping that’s reliable, fast and economical.

After a lot of time and effort, we’ve secured packaging and shipping options that deliver on all those aims. And we’re always evolving our offering to refine and improve the ways we send books to our amazing community of classic gaming fans.

Books are shrink wrapped to avoid scratches, and you’ll receive your book shielded by multiple layers of packing materials, starting with a tough mailing bag that keeps moisture and other bad things out. Under that is a custom printed cardboard box that is stylish and protective in equal measure. Go a layer deeper and you’ll find a soy-based FSC-certified tissue layer that keeps scrapes and scratches at bay, and chunky foam corner protectors that hold your book in place and look after it should the package be dropped or otherwise mistreated. The box, tissue, corner foam and even tape are all recyclable too, and we will continue to find new ways to reduce the environmental impact of our packaging.

Finally, we only use tracked services from proven shipping providers, so that beautifully packaged book doesn’t just reliably arrive, but also makes it to you at top speed. And we constantly update our shipping options to be sure you have the best choices available.

Want to learn more about our shipping rates and options? Check out our shipping locations page.

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