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Australia/New Zealand Shipping

We're sorry to announce that from today, we will be suspending shipping to Australia and New Zealand. We have just received a notification from FedEx that prices for this service will rise yet again. This was on top of it already being overly expensive, so we have decided to suspend until the situation calms down.

The rises are mainly due to Covid-19 surcharges, and also fuel surcharges caused by the war in Ukraine. Without these surcharges, there would be no issue. For context, we usually pay a c. 5% surcharge on fuel which covers daily fluctuations, but it's currently at 35%!

We know that the price of shipping is a constant cause of frustration for our Australian and New Zealand friends, so we suggest that until we activate again you check out Pixel Crib who carry some of our books and are based in Australia. As a gesture of goodwill, we will pass on the free PDF to any Pixel Crib customers. All you need to do it email us with a copy of your receipt.

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