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NEOGEO: A Visual History

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For a brief few years in the early 1990s, the NEOGEO was the pinnacle of video gaming. An elite, exclusive console that didn’t just emulate the arcade experience, as so many 8 and 16-bit consoles tried to do. It was the arcade experience, pixel for pixel, on your TV at home.

Born in the days before polygons, the NEOGEO was a staunchly 2D system that gave birth to some of gaming's most iconic franchises such as Fatal Fury, The King of Fighters, Samurai Shodown and, of course, Metal Slug.

NEOGEO: A Visual History is the first officially licensed NEOGEO art book of its kind to be released in the English language. A pictorial celebration of all things NEOGEO, it’s crammed full of beautiful images split into dedicated chapters, including Hardware, Box Art, Character and Concept Art, and Pixel Art. This imagery has been collated and photographed from all over the world, then handpicked to appear in this unique and exclusive volume. NEOGEO: A Visual History also features official interviews with key staff integral to the NEOGEO’s history, including producer Yasuyuki Oda, artist Tatsuhiko Kanaoka (Falcoon) and composer Hideki Asanaka (sha-v).

The book weighs in at a healthy 400 pages in length, A4 in size, and is available in hardback only. Metallic gold ink is used throughout and the binding employs thread rather than glue, so it will be much more durable and can open flat, minimising imagery lost in the binding. Produced using the very best in print techniques, it will happily grace any gamer's coffee table.

NEOGEO: A Visual History promises to be a real collector’s item for all fans of the NEOGEO system and of classic gaming in general. It provides a fascinating insight into the world of the mystical NEOGEO console – something that was so unobtainable for many of us back in the ’90s.

Includes interviews with:
Hideki Asanaka (sha-v), Brian Hargrove, Tatsuhiko Kanaoka (Falcoon), Massimiliano Macri, Yasuyuki Oda and Frazer Rhodes.


Book Specifications

404 pages. 210mm × 297mm. Edge-to-edge high quality lithographic print. Metallic gold ink used throughout. Hardback, Sewn binding for enduring quality and the ability to lay flat for ideal double-page image viewing. Gold foil blocked cover and spine. Shrink wrapped. Free PDF for viewing on the go. Volumetric weight: 2.5kg.

Games featured

2020 Super Baseball / 3 Count Bout (Fire Suplex) / Aggressors of Dark Kombat / Alpha Mission 2 / Armored Scrum Object / Art of Fighting / Art of Fighting 2 / Art of Fighting 3: Path of the Warrior / Baseball Stars 2 / Baseball Stars Color / Baseball Stars Professional / Blazing Star / Blue's Journey (Raguy) / Burning Fight / Crossed Swords / Cyber-Lip / Fatal Fury / Fatal Fury 2 / Fatal Fury 3 / Fatal Fury First Contact / Fatal Fury Special / Football Frenzy / Garou: Mark of the Wolves / Ghost Pilots / Guevara / HAL 21 / Ikari / Ikari III: The Rescue / The King of Fighters ’94 / The King of Fighters ’95 / The King of Fighters ’96 / The King of Fighters ’97 / The King of Fighters ’98 / The King of Fighters ’99 / The King of Fighters 2000 / The King of Fighters 2001 / The King of Fighters 2002 / The King of Fighters 2003 / King of Fighters R-2 / King of the Monsters / King of the Monsters 2 / Kizuna Encounter (Fu'un Super Tag Battle) / The Last Blade / The Last Blade 2 / Last Resort / League Bowling / Mad Crusher / Magician Lord / Mahjong Kyoretsuden / Mark of the Wolves 2 / Metal Slug / Metal Slug 1st Mission / Metal Slug 2 / Metal Slug 2nd Mission / Metal Slug 3 / Metal Slug 4 / Metal Slug 5 / Metal Slug X / Mutation Nation / NAM 1975 / Neo Geo Cup ’98 / Neo Turf Masters (Big Tournament Golf) / Ninja Combat / Ninja Commando / Ninja Master’s / Over Top / Pulstar / Puzzled (Joy Joy Kid) / Quiz Daisousa Sen / Real Bout Fatal Fury / Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 / Real Bout Fatal Fury Special / Riding Hero / Robo Army / Samurai Shodown / Samurai Shodown 2 / Samurai Shodown 3: Blades of Blood / Samurai Shodown 4: Amakusa's Revenge / Samurai Shodown V Special (Samurai Spirits Zero Special) / Samurai Spirits Zero / Sengoku / Sengoku 2 / Sengoku 3 / Soccer Brawl / Stakes Winner / Stakes Winner 2 / Super Sidekicks / Super Sidekicks 2 / Super Sidekicks 3 / Super Sidekicks 4: The Ultimate 11 / The Super Spy / Thrash Rally / Top Hunter / Top Player's Golf / Twinkle Star Sprites / World Heroes / World Heroes 2 / World Heroes 2 Jet / World Heroes Perfect


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Reprint Updates

This latest reprint of NEOGEO: A Visual History, includes an extra 4 pages. An extra spread in ‘THE LATER YEARS’ covers new releases such as the NEOGEO Mini, the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection and the 2019 reboot of Samurai Shodown, and a ‘PIXEL ART’ addition covers Shinsetsu Samurai Spirits Bushidō Retsuden.

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