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Shipping update

Some good news. We are now able to reinstate shipping to Australia, New Zealand, Malta and Cyprus. As outlined in our January blog post, we had to disable shipping to certain countries due to excessive surcharges. These surcharges are now getting lower, and therefore more cost-effective for our customers.

With regards to Australia and New Zealand, the shipping prices are still higher than we would like, but please be reassured that this is as cheap as we can possible go. As surcharges continue to drop, we can hopefully pass these savings on in the coming months.

With regards to Malta and Cyprus, as both these countries are within the EU, any VAT due is charged at the point of purchase, which avoids any unwelcome customs fees.

We are aware that we still don't ship to certain countries, such as Ukraine and Serbia. These are under constant review, and as soon as we can, they will be reinstated.

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