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Our Story

When Bitmap Books was established in 2014, our founder Sam Dyer had a vision that was as ambitious as it was straightforward. He wanted to create and publish the highest quality, most visually splendid gaming books ever produced.

Since then, Bitmap’s team of global collaborators have produced numerous award-winning titles that celebrate the software, hardware, developers, and code shops that laid down the foundations for the billion-dollar game industry we all know and love today.

At Bitmap we’re a design-led publisher. That means our work is informed by the craft of visual design as well as the storytelling power of expert writing. Passion is our fuel, with every book we publish guided by a devotion to sharing fascinating historic detail and sumptuous artwork. Whether we’re tracking down and interviewing veteran game makers, obtaining access to the visual archives of iconic studios, or unearthing development stories that have never before been told, we are constantly committed to pushing what is expected of a retro gaming book.

Over the years we’ve teamed up with experienced games journalists and remarkable illustrators. We’ve also worked to secure contributions from renowned game industry figures like Mark Cerny, creator of Marble Madness and chief architect of the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, legendary developer siblings Ste and John Pickford, point-and-click trailblazers Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert, esteemed SNK producer Yasuyuki Oda, and many more.

Many of our books are proudly unofficial, while in other cases we’ve partnered with influential outfits such as SEGA, SNK and Atari to create officially-licensed books that come complete with enhanced access and exclusive assets. 

And while we’re certainly gaming enthusiasts, we also get our geek on when it comes to printing and publishing technology. We’ve scoured the planet for the very best printers working to the highest standards using cutting edge techniques that deliver exceptional results. The books themselves are bound using thread instead of glue for maximum durability and, where possible, include special bonus features, including metallic inks, bookmark ribbons and spot-varnished dust jackets. Many of our books even come supplied with heavy board slipcases – including one cover with a built in speaker that emits game sound effects. And to ensure that your book reaches you in pristine condition while keeping things sustainable, we’re constantly evolving protective packaging that looks after your latest purchase and the planet.

Beyond our existing broad portfolio of existing published works, Bitmap always has new titles in development and production, and we are committed to growing our offering for many years to come. So be sure to check back regularly to see what we have underway. Because whether it’s a look at a game, company, genre, platform – or even something looking at retro culture more broadly – you can be sure it will bring the quality and depth that has made Bitmap beloved the world over.

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