Here are some nice things the gaming press have said about our books.

"A beautifully precise time capsule that captures a moment of so many childhoods or my childhood at the very least. It captures that sentiment perfectly" - Flickering Myth 

"A book full of stunning visual memories of a classic gaming machine. Like looking through a photo album full of pictures of '80s gaming joy" - Retro Games Collector 

"There is something in there for every enthusiast. From Cybernoid to Rambo to some pretty cool full game map spreads, it is a pleasure to leaf through" - RetroCollect 

"We expected it to be a gorgeous book to look at, but you might be surprised by just how much trivia-laden written content there is too" - Digitiser 

"A wonderful souvenir of a genre-defining computer. If you had an Amiga, you need this top quality book. I can’t recommend it highly enough" - Retro Video Gamer 

"An essential accessory for Amiga owners old and new" - Vintage is the New Old

"This is one incredibly well researched book and far more than the sum of its parts" - Indie Retro News 

"A treasure trove for those who had the pleasure of using the system, and an eye-opener for those who did not" - Video Game Critic 

"The whole series is as much a gamer trip down memory lane as it is a tool for artists to do research and draw inspiration from" - Medium 

"if you absolutely love the NES or you'd love to learn more about the history behind your favourite Nintendo video games, this book deserves a spot on your bookshelf" - Sweety High 

"The book is overflowing with attractive schematics, bespoke pixel art, great interviews and tidbits which you might not have known previously" - Nintendo Life 

"Once again Bitmap Books has put together the perfect tribute to another historic home computing icon" - Movies, Games and Tech 

"Owners of Sir Clive’s great British computing icon owe it to themselves to get a copy of this sublimely printed book" - Retro Games Collector 

"There’s something delightful about randomly opening a page and admiring the various game presentations" - The Skinny 

"Not only a great way for longtime fans and collectors to amp up their collection, but also provides a great trip down memory lane for those who want to reminisce about the golden days of gaming" - 3rd Strike 

"If you appreciate the beauty of 8 bit artwork, it’s well worth adding to your collection" - Retro Reactiv8 

"We imagine reading the book from cover to cover would take an entire afternoon—but it'd be totally worth it" - Sweety High 

"We can bang on about the premium quality and finish, but we have come to expect this from Bitmap Books, which is a great feather in their cap" - Ausretrogamer 

"Comes packed with artwork, interviews, features and much, much more besides" - Nintendo Life 

"This is a book that should be celebrated as much as its contents and one I’m not ashamed to give full marks to" - Retro Video Gamer 

"This book reminds us of a simpler age where gameplay – combined with admittedly sublime 2D visuals – was all that truly mattered" - Nintendo Life 

"It is easy to see that the NEO-GEO: A Visual History book was a labour of love for its creators" - Ausretrogamer 

"Super Famicom: The Box Art Collection is a fantastically well put together book looks as good closed on the table than it does opened" - Strategy Guide Reviews 

"Some of the covers included here will be instantly familiar to fans and collectors, while others are rather more obscure and some haven't been previously documented in print outside of Japan" - Nintendo Life 

"When you see this book for the first time, you know you are in for a treat… it certainly does not disappoint" - Retro Video Gamer 

"This is a sublime, must own book for any avid retro fan, Bitmap Books continue to knock the ball out of the park" - Retro Video Gamer 

"books like these are essential to video game history preservation. If you collect books on video games, do yourself a favor and add this one" - The Gamer's Lounge 

"Truly fascinating reading, told as it was in the words of those who were living it… Absolutely anyone with an interest in video games or the games industry will most assuredly find this fascinating stuff" - Games You Loved 

"The overarching narrative is one of visionaries, ruthless deals, power struggles, moments of brilliance, poor decisions, disenfranchised employees, colourful characters and touching relationships, all punctuated by humorous anecdotes and quirky trivia… An authoritative and exhaustive account" - Gaming Respawn 

"This is a well written book with so much detail and research… A must buy" - Retro Games Master 

"A must for anyone who used to play Gremlins Graphics games or for anyone who just wants a really great set of retro gaming books for their collection" - Movies, Games and Tech 

"A Gremlin in the Works is, quite simply, the finest book about any aspect of the British computer games industry written to date" - The Were Our Gods 

"Generation 64 is an unmissable account of how the Swedish C64 scene played its part in creating the huge gaming market of today" - Retro Video Gamer 

"I'm really impressed with the hard work and the care that went into this book. This is my First time ordering from Bitmap Books and it won‘t be the last" Julian W.

Here are some nice things our customers have said about our books.

"This book is a beautiful love letter to my younger days. I couldn't ask for a better reminder. The paper, images, text, and extras are all first-rate" - Sam M.

"This is an absolutely incredible book. When you hold it in your hands, you can immediately feel the quality oozing off of it" - Lucas M.

"Never have I received such a quality publication before. Not only was the wrapping perfect with plastic protection of the box corners, but the content is outstanding" - Christophe T.

"If you ever find yourself remembering some game, you should be able to look it up in this book an instantly be greeted with glorious art from and a wonderful piece of trivia or behind-the-scenes info" - Dave Normington

"This book is perfect for readers, art lovers, and gamers alike. The production is flawless and the amount of work put into the compendium shows that this is truly a labour of love by the authors and creators" - Caroline U.

"Fantastic book, full of fascinating stories and interview, wonderful pixel art and interesting anecdotes and memories. Can't recommend it higher for anyone who played video games in that era" - Ben G.

"I recommend this book not just to gaming enthusiasts, but as a nostalgic gift to those of a certain age, and as a reference for graphic art lovers" - Tom C.

"This is the kind of book you wash your hands before you open it - that is, if video games meant as much to you as they did to me. An absolutely magnificent work. I'm very proud to own this" - Rob S.

"Another top book from Bitmap, arrived very well packaged. Plenty of content and high-quality print and finishing" - Adam D.

"I was thoroughly impressed by the build quality, layout design, art arrangement, information and quotations, packaging, form factor, everything about this book is excellently executed" - Andrew E.

"The book looks awesome and will give you hours of sweet, sweet nostalgic euphoria as you keep turning the pages" - Samy Merchi

"Highly recommended, the brilliant art takes me back to my youth with the best games machine I've ever played on" - Thomas Binder

"Quality is fantastic and allows to relive all the great memories. The book is just super beautiful and high quality" - Diego Caravana

"A happy moment every time I take it in my hands, a source of fun and good remembering; very well done, totally worth the money" - Andreas Wanda

"I love this book. Great Quality, superb dust cover and some lovely memories" - Chris Austin