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The Games That Weren't – production update

Thanks to everyone that has pre-ordered The Games That Weren't. The interest from the gaming press and community has been really positive – people seem excited and intrigued by the stories of these tragically unreleased video games.

Incase you missed it, 
GOG did a feature with author, Frank Gasking, which is well worth a read. Check it out here.

Last week was a landmark moment as we received unbound flat pages of the book to approve. This is always a mixture of nervousness and excitement as it's often the first time you see the design on the actual paper, how it will look when properly printed. The good news, is that as you can see from the photos below, it's looking great – the florescent green ink is really popping off the page and the various photos and screenshots look exactly how we intended. We're totally over the moon with how it's turned out, and these are now approved for binding. At the next stage, we are due to receive a single bound copy of the finished book to sign-off before the shipment leaves the factory. We will share as soon as it arrives and continue to keep everyone updated on production. The good news is that we're still on track to be sending out pre-orders in mid-August.

Thanks, Bitmap Books