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Progress update: The Art of Point-and-Click Adventure Games

Thanks to everyone that has pre-ordered The Art of Point-and-Click Adventure Games so far. We thought we would do a little update to let you all know where the project is at, and reassure everyone what we're on schedule for the August release date.

We’re now in the last few stages of checks before the book goes into production. Everything has been proofread, and the files are now being prepared for print – capturing those last minute little errors and making it all as perfect as possible. The overall word count is 112,682, the final interview count is 41 and there are literally hundred of images. This has been by far the biggest book that Bitmap Books have ever undertaken, and the level of detail is really something else. Those that have had a sneak preview, consistently comment on how great the interviews are and the insights they give are fantastic. 

The plan is that the book will go to print in May once this final checks are made. From start to finish, the print and production process takes up to three months and we will do our best to share progress updates throughout this period such as sharing photos of proofs and various other samples.

Also, just to avoid any confusion, if you also ordered other books within your pre-order, they will be sent all together in one shipment. The advantage of this for you, is that you'll save money of shipping as in the majority of cases, adding more books incurs little or no extra postage charges. 

If you have ay questions, please email us at