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European shipping is now live again

We're delighted to announce that after suspending European shipping in early January, we can now re-activate! 

The main change is that, although books tend to not incur VAT around the world, within the majority to European countries, they do. When the UK was part of the EU, European customers of ours could enjoy purchasing with 0% VAT, as this is the tariff we place on books within the UK. However, now, we are forced to add additional VAT onto our books for people buying from Europe, if your country indeed charges VAT on books. See the current rates here.

We now use Fed-Ex for European deliveries. We’ve kept shipping prices the same as they previously were, with some countries even being a little cheaper now. All European parcels are sent DDP (which stands for Delivered Duty Paid). This means that any VAT your respective country charges to import books, are paid, at the point of purchase on our site. This makes the whole process much simpler for the customer and avoids any hassles paying import fees before delivery. The delivery is door to door with no additional fees to pay. We feel that this is a much better solution for our customers going forward. Please also note that you can send up to 4 books within a single order and the base shipping price does not increase, therefore hopefully making things a little more cost-effective. As always, this is a tracked service so you can keep up-to-date on your parcels location.

At present, we’re only able to launch with a handful of European countries. If your country is not currently supported, it will be because we have sent a test parcel, and ran into an issue. We’re hoping that as the year goes on, and everyone gets more used to this new way of goods moving between the UK and Europe, that we will be able to add additional countries that are currently missing.

Note that shipping outside of Europe to the United States for example is unaffected, this only applies to European countries.